Box for large pens

I enjoy making boxes this one is for large fountain pens by large I mean around 25 mm in diameter and up to 170 mm in length. This is the starting point four pieces of oak this is 15 mm x 40 mm Oak cut to size and mitred ready to be glued up. The pieces of oak are taped together in pairs. Once all four pieces were taped together I did a dry fit before adding glue and fixing the final piece of tape. I allowed the glue to dry for a few hours before fitting a top and … Continue reading Box for large pens

Pen case with a belt loop

This week I was asked if I could make a pen case to attach to a belt. I have a couple of options this is my first it is based on a two pen case made from 1.8 mm shoulder with a kydex liner wrapped in suede. Pictures will help to explain as we go. Two kydex pen tubes formed over a medium sized form I think they may be a little larger than I wanted but one lined the internal size will alter Wrapped in suede I folded and glued a strip of suede to allow pens to be … Continue reading Pen case with a belt loop

A Travellers case

As the name suggests this case is for a fountain pen and a Visconti traveling inkwell. The starting point is a pair of Kydex tubes which I formed from a flat sheet. (yes I know there are three in this picture) The next step is to wrap them in suede orange for these tubes. Preparing to join the two tubes together. After dying the leather I marked out the stitching holes ready for err stitching. At this point I wrapped the pen tubes in black film before enclosing the pen tubes in the outer leather cover and applying the clamps. After … Continue reading A Travellers case

Large pen prototype case

As you may have guessed I enjoy making pen cases and I am always looking for different ideas. I have been looking at pen wraps and experimenting with card strips to give support with a possibility of changing the card for kydex and mounting loops of kydex to protect pens. As I progressed this line of thought I wondered if larger panels would give better results. When folded the outer left and right pieces would overlap and rare earth magnets would provide closure. My original plan was for this to hold six large pens but a three pen version is … Continue reading Large pen prototype case

The Emperors new case

I enjoy making pen cases and especially if they are for special pens ( which most of them are). As the title suggests this case is for a Namiki Emperor or maybe two. I have made a similar case before although slightly smaller.   After cutting the pieces of kydex to the desired size I used a scrap piece of leather and a heat gun to roll the kydex into tubes. After rolling I used the heat gun and the dowel to round over one end matching the other end to a line marked on the dowel. I need to … Continue reading The Emperors new case