Padded travel case

Bloggers can see details of searches that bring viewers to our blogs, recently I saw someone was searching for a padded travel case and I realised that I have never made one. I think this is the closest I have come to a travel case but without padding so I think my next project will be a padded case for maybe six large pens. Rather than just make the case I wanted to share some of my ideas, I tried to make a drawing yesterday but my ability let me down. I made two cases for different people years ago … Continue reading Padded travel case


Any case notebook cover bag or belt you can see can be ordered either by contacting me directly or via my Etsy store. The store only shows one of each pen case but it is possible to make cases for any size pen. I don’t keep any pen cases in stock but can usually make them within one week of receipt of the order belts have the same lead time. I only offer restored briefcases for sale I do not accept orders for new ones at this time. It can take up to one week allowing for drying time to … Continue reading Ordering

Three Emperors (sold)

I know it should have been kings but this case is for Emperor sized pens. I usually make plain cases that are very strong for some time I have thought about making a case with some sort of design on it. I love to make things but sometimes I struggle to be creative in this case the chance to buy a pair of hand made shoes at cost price meant I just had to look at my feet. I cannot just steal some ones design but I can take inspiration from it. First I worked out a basic shape. I … Continue reading Three Emperors (sold)

Box for large pens (for sale)

I enjoy making boxes this one is for large fountain pens by large I mean around 25 mm in diameter and up to 170 mm in length. This is the starting point four pieces of oak this is 15 mm x 40 mm Oak cut to size and mitred ready to be glued up. The pieces of oak are taped together in pairs. Once all four pieces were taped together I did a dry fit before adding glue and fixing the final piece of tape. I allowed the glue to dry for a few hours before fitting a top and … Continue reading Box for large pens (for sale)

Cigar style case in turquoise and black (commission)

  Normally these cases are for supersized pens, this one however is for what I call large pens in the range of 20 mm in diameter including the clip. The colours chosen are two of my favourites turquoise and black. The starting … Continue reading Cigar style case in turquoise and black (commission)