Items for sale

My workshop build is costing a little more than I planned so I have decided to offer for sale the items that I have offered for sale previously but I freely admit I did not try very hard. First this case was originally made for ICI the chemical company clearly made by a top maker the handle is made from multiple pieces and was hand stitched I replaced the thread that was at the end of its usefulness. All of the machine stitching has been removed and replaced with high quality Tigre thread in red. After stripping and cleaning the … Continue reading Items for sale

Twin cigar style pen case

This is my most complicated case that I currently make it has lots of steps and takes many hours to get it right. Starting as all of my protective cases do with flat sheet Kydex which I formed around a wooden dowel. The seams are welded and smoothed the closed end is rounded over. When the Kydex had cooled I started wrapping them in suede. After both tubes were wrapped I took two pieces of 0.5mm leather and stitched up the centre. This piece fixes the two tubes together and allows the lid to be a friction fit without damaging … Continue reading Twin cigar style pen case

Fit for a King

I have been asked to make a pair of cases for the A.S.C. Three Kings set of pens. One single and one for all three. Burgundy leather with dark purple suede. Starting with a flat sheet of Kydex I heated it and formed it over a wooden mould to give me the individual pen slots for each pen. All I needed now was three more 🙂 Once the Kydex had cooled retaining the new shape I wrapped them in suede. First the single and then the thrapple. Having glued the suede in place I left it to dry and started … Continue reading Fit for a King

Seven Seas Writer notebook cover

I was asked to make a cover for a Seven seas writer notebook cover. I used 2 mm veg tanned leather for this project and some grey board for the template. Using the notebook I made the template I must admit I made the first template too small which led me to making a whole cover that was too small so attempt number two was the right size. Now the template is the correct size. I cut some leather to size. I left the inner leaves slightly larger than required. I thinned down the edges where the pieces would be … Continue reading Seven Seas Writer notebook cover

Triple cigar style case.

I have been asked before to make a three pen version of my cigar style case. I could not think of a way to stabalise the three tubes so I have always declined to make one. I don’t like turning down orders or admitting defeat so this time I said yes with the proviso if it did not work we would look at other options. Here we go I started with the flat sheet kydex which I cut into strips heated and formed it around a suitable sized dowel. The next step was to weld the sides of the kydex  … Continue reading Triple cigar style case.


        So far my work area has been a granite slab 60 cm x 40 cm on some storage boxes and my old oak desk which also acts as a tool box. This is located in our dining room. My leather store is in the roof of the garage attached to the side of our house as this is about to become a utility room. I need to find somewhere else to work and store my tools and materials. My grand plan is to have a purpose built workshop in our back garden I have tried to … Continue reading Workshop

Slimline triple Emperor

I was asked by someone who has a full size Emperor case if I could make a slimline version but still have the brogue effect. I do like a challenge so this post will detail how I created this case. I formed three Kydex pen slots as I was aiming to make the case as slim as possible I reduced the height of the slot to match the diameter of the cap without the clip and the width to the diameter including the clip. Once I was happy with the diameter I wrapped the pen slots in suede. Making sure … Continue reading Slimline triple Emperor