Montblanc Mozart case

I was recently asked if it would be possible to make a case for a Montblanc Mozart fountain pen 113 mm long and 9 mm wide with additional 3 mm for the clip. My little finger will not fit past the first knuckle so it is small. This is one of my largest cases designed for three Emperor size pens. This case is for the Montblanc 149 fountain pen. The white item in these pictures is the moulded Kydex which gives the case its strength. As this case is not an order more a proof of concept for myself I … Continue reading Montblanc Mozart case

Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149

I don’t go out of my way to make my cases huge but I have never tried to make a slim line case so here goes. I decided to start with some simple drawings, I did say simple. Including the pen After posting pictures on FPN a member named Zaddick who has a number of my cases gave me some feedback about the shape of the case. Taking this on board I altered the shape slightly and made it less angular. Now that I have a shape I am happy with on paper I started to make the plywood laminate.  … Continue reading Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149

Pocket pen case

A couple of years ago I was asked to make a pocket pen case to protect a pen carried in a front trouser pocket. It is always nice to get feedback on my work the best feedback in my opinion is a return customer. There are a couple of changes to his design which you will see as we progress. Starting as always with a sheet of flat Kydex I cut a piece to the size required and applied some heat. Once the kydex has cooled it will keep the shape of the mould. After trimming I selected the same … Continue reading Pocket pen case

Hexagonal pen case

Inspiration comes from many places in this case a sweet packet. Rather than going to the trouble of making a wooden form I thought I could just mark and score some lines and fold the kydex. Scoring the kydex did not work so I cut half way through which allowed the kydex to fold I thought it may be possible to weld the cut seams together to regain some strength. although this worked it did not feel really strong. Hot glue may have worked but I thought it was better to make a form and hot form the kydex. I … Continue reading Hexagonal pen case

A chocolate Emperor (Commission)

I chose the name Emperor for these large sized cases because the first case I was asked to make in this size was for a Namiki Emperor fountain pen. The approximate inside dimensions are 180 mm x 26 mm. Chocolate brown is a lovely colour to work with adding extra coats of dye gives a nice rich colour. As ever I started with a flat piece of Kydex a large dowel and a scrap of leather. After applying some heat the Kydex was rolled around the dowel using the piece of leather. Once the tube was created I welded the … Continue reading A chocolate Emperor (Commission)