Hexagonal pen case

Inspiration comes from many places in this case a sweet packet. Rather than going to the trouble of making a wooden form I thought I could just mark and score some lines and fold the kydex. Scoring the kydex did not work so I cut half way through which allowed the kydex to fold I thought it may be possible to weld the cut seams together to regain some strength. although this worked it did not feel really strong. Hot glue may have worked but I thought it was better to make a form and hot form the kydex. I … Continue reading Hexagonal pen case

A chocolate Emperor (Commission)

I chose the name Emperor for these large sized cases because the first case I was asked to make in this size was for a Namiki Emperor fountain pen. The approximate inside dimensions are 180 mm x 26 mm. Chocolate brown is a lovely colour to work with adding extra coats of dye gives a nice rich colour. As ever I started with a flat piece of Kydex a large dowel and a scrap of leather. After applying some heat the Kydex was rolled around the dowel using the piece of leather. Once the tube was created I welded the … Continue reading A chocolate Emperor (Commission)

A flat backed pen case

I refer to this as a standard pen case the design was the first pen case I ever made although I hope I have┬ábecome a little better at it. To start I needed a mould to form the components around I do have an old one but I could not find it so I made a new one. This is made by laminating three pieces of marine plywood together the screws add extra support as the glue dries. The next step was to cut out the shape to create the pen tube it was followed by lots of sanding. I … Continue reading A flat backed pen case

Pen Sleeve

Recently I was asked if I could make a pen sleeve I have considered making one of these before but preferred to focus on the protective cases I currently make. My first effort had symmetrical rounded ends. After some thought and some tea drinking I worked out that the taper at the bottom is what holds the pen in place and also allows the pen to be squeezed out. The egg shape evolved from there this is the next attempt I lined the case in red suede and stitched it together. Although the shape was better it was a little … Continue reading Pen Sleeve

Two cases for standard size pens

I seem to have made a lot of cases for oversize pens recently so when I was asked to make two single cases for Nakaya pens I jumped at the chance. I have to say that I really admire the manufacturing process of these handmade pens the craftsmanship involved is outstanding. I don’t have a Nakaya in my collection as yet but one day. I chose the dowels to form the kydex around they are larger than the required size. Once the kydex has been formed I can adjust the size to allow for the thickness of the suede lining … Continue reading Two cases for standard size pens