A new Emperor

If you have one of these fantastic pens and wish to protect it then I guess this is the case for you. As you can see from the picture this is going to be a large case the 28 mm dowel in the middle is the form for this case. The process is quite straight forward heat the kydex with a hot air gun and roll it around the dowel using a scrap piece of leather. In this picture you can see the cylinder on the right ready to be trimmed to the correct size. After trimming and a little … Continue reading A new Emperor

Pen case with a belt loop

This week I was asked if I could make a pen case to attach to a belt. I have a couple of options this is my first it is based on a two pen case made from 1.8 mm shoulder with a kydex liner wrapped in suede. Pictures will help to explain as we go. Two kydex pen tubes formed over a medium sized form I think they may be a little larger than I wanted but one lined the internal size will alter Wrapped in suede I folded and glued a strip of suede to allow pens to be … Continue reading Pen case with a belt loop