Danitrio triple pen case

My latest commission is to make a three pen case to carry Danitrio Genkai fountain pens. Starting with flat sheet Kydex I made a new wooden form to produce the Kydex for the pen slots. After forming the Kydex I needed a new form for the leather outer I found a length of oak from the last large pen box I made. Which was exactly the right dimensions I only needed to round over the corners and sand it a little. This is the perfect size. Regular readers will know that wet veg tanned leather will form around a mould … Continue reading Danitrio triple pen case

Montblanc Mozart case

I was recently asked if it would be possible to make a case for a Montblanc Mozart fountain pen 113 mm long and 9 mm wide with additional 3 mm for the clip. My little finger will not fit past the first knuckle so it is small. This is one of my largest cases designed for three Emperor size pens. This case is for the Montblanc 149 fountain pen. The white item in these pictures is the moulded Kydex which gives the case its strength. As this case is not an order more a proof of concept for myself I … Continue reading Montblanc Mozart case

Triple Emperor brogue style

This commission is for a triple emperor fountain pen case with a brogue pattern I have made such a case previously so I decided to make a new brogue design. I started with a piece of grey board drawing out a pattern inspired by a different pair of shoes. I used my circle tool to form the shape with guide lines. The circle tool has marks on it to help line it up. When I was happy with the design I transferred the layout lines to the mould to allow me to position the template accurately in later stages. I … Continue reading Triple Emperor brogue style

Long Nakaya case

I love Japanese hand made pens I have made a number of cases for the supersize pens but I make cases for all sizes pen. This is where I start three pieces of flat kydex this is a plastic that can be heated and formed originally from the aircraft industry but also used in the making of gun holsters. I have a two part wooden form which I made to the shape I wanted for the pen slots. I heat the kydex with a hot air gun until it is soft enough to form. I made this form with a … Continue reading Long Nakaya case

Three pen case with pen rest

I am making a pen case to carry three standard size pens, it will also carry a custom pen rest and have an additional loop to allow a tracking device to be attached. I started by making the pen slots from flat kydex sheet that I heated and moulded over a custom form. After forming and trimming I wrapped the kydex pieces in suede From the dimensions of these pieces I was able to work out the size of the pen rest that could be accommodated. I made a sample from plywood which seemed to work quite well. The test … Continue reading Three pen case with pen rest

Padded travel case

Bloggers can see details of searches that bring viewers to our blogs, recently I saw someone was searching for a padded travel case and I realised that I have never made one. I think this is the closest I have come to a travel case but without padding so I think my next project will be a padded case for maybe six large pens. Rather than just make the case I wanted to share some of my ideas, I tried to make a drawing yesterday but my ability let me down. I made two cases for different people years ago … Continue reading Padded travel case

Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149

I don’t go out of my way to make my cases huge but I have never tried to make a slim line case so here goes. I decided to start with some simple drawings, I did say simple. Including the pen After posting pictures on FPN a member named Zaddick who has a number of my cases gave me some feedback about the shape of the case. Taking this on board I altered the shape slightly and made it less angular. Now that I have a shape I am happy with on paper I started to make the plywood laminate.  … Continue reading Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149