A new Emperor

If you have one of these fantastic pens and wish to protect it then I guess this is the case for you. As you can see from the picture this is going to be a large case the 28 mm dowel in the middle is the form for this case. The process is quite straight forward heat the kydex with a hot air gun and roll it around the dowel using a scrap piece of leather. In this picture you can see the cylinder on the right ready to be trimmed to the correct size. After trimming and a little … Continue reading A new Emperor

Pen case with a belt loop

This week I was asked if I could make a pen case to attach to a belt. I have a couple of options this is my first it is based on a two pen case made from 1.8 mm shoulder with a kydex liner wrapped in suede. Pictures will help to explain as we go. Two kydex pen tubes formed over a medium sized form I think they may be a little larger than I wanted but one lined the internal size will alter Wrapped in suede I folded and glued a strip of suede to allow pens to be … Continue reading Pen case with a belt loop

A flat backed pen case

I refer to this as a standard pen case the design was the first pen case I ever made although I hope I have become a little better at it. To start I needed a mould to form the components around I do have an old one but I could not find it so I made a new one. This is made by laminating three pieces of marine plywood together the screws add extra support as the glue dries. The next step was to cut out the shape to create the pen tube it was followed by lots of sanding. I … Continue reading A flat backed pen case