Three pen case with pen rest

I am making a pen case to carry three standard size pens, it will also carry a custom pen rest and have an additional loop to allow a tracking device to be attached. I started by making the pen slots from flat kydex sheet that I heated and moulded over a custom form. After forming and trimming I wrapped the kydex pieces in suede From the dimensions of these pieces I was able to work out the size of the pen rest that could be accommodated. I made a sample from plywood which seemed to work quite well. The test … Continue reading Three pen case with pen rest

DSLR Camera sling

I enjoy photography and have an older Cannon 40D so when I was asked to make a camera sling I jumped at the chance. I decided to use a dyed through veg tanned shoulder. There are a few challenges making a sling strong enough to hold the weight of the camera and a large lens. I copied and modified an existing sling to work in leather creating a template and a test piece in leather. I chose a thinner leather for this project as I don’t want any unfinished edges to show so all pieces are finished leather on both … Continue reading DSLR Camera sling

Padded travel case

Bloggers can see details of searches that bring viewers to our blogs, recently I saw someone was searching for a padded travel case and I realised that I have never made one. I think this is the closest I have come to a travel case but without padding so I think my next project will be a padded case for maybe six large pens. Rather than just make the case I wanted to share some of my ideas, I tried to make a drawing yesterday but my ability let me down. I made two cases for different people years ago … Continue reading Padded travel case

Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149

I don’t go out of my way to make my cases huge but I have never tried to make a slim line case so here goes. I decided to start with some simple drawings, I did say simple. Including the pen After posting pictures on FPN a member named Zaddick who has a number of my cases gave me some feedback about the shape of the case. Taking this on board I altered the shape slightly and made it less angular. Now that I have a shape I am happy with on paper I started to make the plywood laminate.  … Continue reading Slim line case for Mont Blanc 149

Pocket pen case

A couple of years ago I was asked to make a pocket pen case to protect a pen carried in a front trouser pocket. It is always nice to get feedback on my work the best feedback in my opinion is a return customer. There are a couple of changes to his design which you will see as we progress. Starting as always with a sheet of flat Kydex I cut a piece to the size required and applied some heat. Once the kydex has cooled it will keep the shape of the mould. After trimming I selected the same … Continue reading Pocket pen case


Any case notebook cover bag or belt you can see can be ordered by contacting me directly. The store only shows one of each pen case but it is possible to make cases for any size pen. I don’t keep any pen cases in stock but can usually make them within one week of receipt of the order belts have the same lead time. I only offer restored briefcases for sale I do not accept orders for new ones at this time. It can take up to one week allowing for drying time to restore a document case. I can … Continue reading Ordering

English bridle leather belt

I have made a couple of belts before but only for family which has given me a chance to work out what my belts should look like. When the leather is turned over to fix the buckle I want my belts to have a flush joint if it is not flush the joint will show through on the finished side as the belt is worn. I hope this will become clear as I progress, if not I hope some one will let me know. I have chosen to use oval holes for the buckle pin as the leather lays down … Continue reading English bridle leather belt