Hexagonal pen case

Inspiration comes from many places in this case a sweet packet. Rather than going to the trouble of making a wooden form I thought I could just mark and score some lines and fold the kydex. Scoring the kydex did not work so I cut half way through which allowed the kydex to fold I thought it may be possible to weld the cut seams together to regain some strength. although this worked it did not feel really strong. Hot glue may have worked but I thought it was better to make a form and hot form the kydex. I … Continue reading Hexagonal pen case

Shoe care kit

I like many people appreciate good shoes recently I purchased a pair of hand made shoes by Loake and soon after had a chance to purchase a second pair at a fantastic price. So I now have two pairs of fine shoes and want to look after them. Here is the kit I have acquired so far. To keep everything together I need some sort of case, Artists grey board is my design tool of choice. I marked fold edges a small clearance then the holes for the tins of polish. (I freely admit there is an error here the … Continue reading Shoe care kit

Three Emperors (sold)

I know it should have been kings but this case is for Emperor sized pens. I usually make plain cases that are very strong for some time I have thought about making a case with some sort of design on it. I love to make things but sometimes I struggle to be creative in this case the chance to buy a pair of hand made shoes at cost price meant I just had to look at my feet. I cannot just steal some ones design but I can take inspiration from it. First I worked out a basic shape. I … Continue reading Three Emperors (sold)

Watch box

As I am learning to make watch straps and I have more than one watch I thought it might be good to make a box for them. I am also planning to make a watch roll but that is for another day. Whilst out shopping with my wife I found a pre made box for crafters. As you can see it was not an expensive box but I am sure I can add a little bling to it. After removing the lid hinges and fastener I gave it a little sanding I then cut some grey board to fit the … Continue reading Watch box


Apparently belts are not as easy to make as you might think. I don’t plan on making lots of belts but as my older brother wanted one I decided to make one for him. Rather than order leather first I decided to start with buckles I quickly learned that no matter who they came from I would want to finish them myself. I don’t like casting marks even where they will not be seen. I bought two brass cast buckles the original on the left the finished one on the right. I removed all of the casting marks and opened … Continue reading Belts

A chocolate Emperor (Commission)

I chose the name Emperor for these large sized cases because the first case I was asked to make in this size was for a Namiki Emperor fountain pen. The approximate inside dimensions are 180 mm x 26 mm. Chocolate brown is a lovely colour to work with adding extra coats of dye gives a nice rich colour. As ever I started with a flat piece of Kydex a large dowel and a scrap of leather. After applying some heat the Kydex was rolled around the dowel using the piece of leather. Once the tube was created I welded the … Continue reading A chocolate Emperor (Commission)