Notebook covers

My friends at Pen Opulence have a logo and I thought it would be interesting to emboss it onto a notebook. My first attempt involved carving the logo into wet leather. Here I have traced the image onto the wet leather. in this picture I have carved the design into the wet leather it is ok but not quite good enough. The next option is to use a raised image and to mould a piece of wet leather over the top of the image. Starting with a number of prints of the design I glued one to a piece of … Continue reading Notebook covers


Apparently belts are not as easy to make as you might think. I don’t plan on making lots of belts but as my older brother wanted one I decided to make one for him. Rather than order leather first I decided to start with buckles I quickly learned that no matter who they came from I would want to finish them myself. I don’t like casting marks even where they will not be seen. I bought two brass cast buckles the original on the left the finished one on the right. I removed all of the casting marks and opened … Continue reading Belts

Leather carving

I have been practising leather carving for some time I am not sure I have improved that much but I enjoy it. Having acquired some suitable leather I decided to have a go my original plan was to make a pair of carvings and turn them in to boxes. I got caught up in the box making process and the result can be seen in the NASA box thread. Incidentally that box now lives on a desk in NASA cool eh ! The process is quite simple a special knife is used to cut part of the way through the … Continue reading Leather carving

Index card holder

Whilst trying to help a member of the Fountain pen network with a question about 3 x 5 inch index cards. I started making a mock up from grey board and got a little carried away. At first I thought I would need tabs to hold the pieces together so I added extra to the cut out. When it came to adding the bends I decided I did not need the extra pieces so I cut them off. Now I knew it all went together I took it apart and wrapped it in red suede. After wrapping in suede I … Continue reading Index card holder

Black and beige pen case

I was asked to make a round pen case with a beige interior. The first picture shows a newly formed kydex tube which for want of a better description has been welded together this is far stronger than any glue I have used so far. After rounding over one end and sanding everything smooth I wrapped the tube in beige suede. Once the inner was wrapped in suede I started to think about the outer cover. I cut two pieces of leather. Black does not photograph well but you can see I have dyed it black and started to form the leather … Continue reading Black and beige pen case

Leather covered writing slope

For many years I have collected and restored writing slopes and associated boxes. This is my most recent acquisition. There is some wear on the top of the slope I am sure that can be resolved. This is the first stage opening the three light coloured panels fold out and face down to reveal the writing surface.   As you might be able to see the front piece has been detached from the base this will need to be restored. Both sections the writing surface have hinged flaps the front ones having little silver catches to prevent it opening as it inverts … Continue reading Leather covered writing slope