Any case notebook cover bag or belt you can see can be ordered by contacting me directly. The store only shows one of each pen case but it is possible to make cases for any size pen. I don’t keep any pen cases in stock but can usually make them within one week of receipt of the order belts have the same lead time. I only offer restored briefcases for sale I do not accept orders for new ones at this time. It can take up to one week allowing for drying time to restore a document case. I can … Continue reading Ordering

Pendragon Brief case (for sale)

I have been looking for one of these case for a few years. I found this one on an auction site at a price I was happy with. I wonder if the thread on the handle may have been red originally. This is the inside with the writing pad in place the two strips down the sides are there to hold the blotting paper in place. The brass ware has tarnished and needs a few hours of tlc to bring it back. After a few hours Before applying any brass cleaner I applied a lot of leather care wax to … Continue reading Pendragon Brief case (for sale)

Large pen prototype case

As you may have guessed I enjoy making pen cases and I am always looking for different ideas. I have been looking at pen wraps and experimenting with card strips to give support with a possibility of changing the card for kydex and mounting loops of kydex to protect pens. As I progressed this line of thought I wondered if larger panels would give better results. When folded the outer left and right pieces would overlap and rare earth magnets would provide closure. My original plan was for this to hold six large pens but a three pen version is … Continue reading Large pen prototype case

ICI document case (for sale)

Sometime ago I bought a document style case from an auction site the inside is embossed with the ICI ltd logo it was in good condition although the stitching was in need of replacement¬†any pressure would cause it to snap. This is a good quality case and very well made things that show high quality are the inverted “V” on the securing straps and the hand made handle where multiple layers of leather are used to form the handle. Having removed all of the old stitching I started to clean everything inside and out with warm water and saddle soap … Continue reading ICI document case (for sale)