Watch box

As I am learning to make watch straps and I have more than one watch I thought it might be good to make a box for them. I am also planning to make a watch roll but that is for another day. Whilst out shopping with my wife I found a pre made box for crafters. As you can see it was not an expensive box but I am sure I can add a little bling to it. After removing the lid hinges and fastener I gave it a little sanding I then cut some grey board to fit the … Continue reading Watch box

Box for large pens (for sale)

I enjoy making boxes this one is for large fountain pens by large I mean around 25 mm in diameter and up to 170 mm in length. This is the starting point four pieces of oak this is 15 mm x 40 mm Oak cut to size and mitred ready to be glued up. The pieces of oak are taped together in pairs. Once all four pieces were taped together I did a dry fit before adding glue and fixing the final piece of tape. I allowed the glue to dry for a few hours before fitting a top and … Continue reading Box for large pens (for sale)

A Switch case

My daughter asked me to make a case for her new Nintendo Switch the basic idea was a storage case that could be carried around. The colours are dark green and black green for the suede and black for the leather. We started with grey board. Which I wrapped in suede with a little padding. The controllers needed some space so I made little boxes for them with some padding and a step. I made these in two pieces an inner and outer I wrapped them individually before putting the two pieces together and gluing them in place. As we … Continue reading A Switch case

Re purposed cutlery box

I don’t have anything new to share so I thought I would add an older project. Empty cutlery boxes often appear on auction sites some of the larger ones can be quite expensive. A friend was looking for a large box and when I saw this I thought it would be ideal. Although the insides were in reasonable condition they were not ideal for storing pens after a few days of work I had reached this point. Even the inside of the lid had to be stripped The inside of the lid was to have this monogram embossed into the … Continue reading Re purposed cutlery box

My oldest writing slope

This is my oldest writing slope my research leads me to believe this writing slope was made in the 1790 s the materials and methods of construction plus the size 20 inches x 10 inches x 6 1/2 inches it is a large slope. Although there are a couple of splits in the top I still think it is a worthwhile addition to my little group. I am very happy to have it. Unfortunately this slope has had some modifications during its life. The hinges fitted to the writing surfaces are not original and will be removed when I fit … Continue reading My oldest writing slope

Brass and walnut writing slope

I have a number of writing slopes in what I would loosely describe as a collection :). This slope is the largest I have at the moment anyway it measures approx. 500 mm 20 inches x 250 mm 10 inches and 175 mm 7 inches. The top and front are burr or burl (depending on where you are) Walnut with the sides and rear being the cheaper Walnut. As you can see the ornate brassware has been removed some of which was inside the box when I acquired it. The brass ware had been replaced by green paint I have no idea … Continue reading Brass and walnut writing slope