A chocolate Emperor (Commission)

I chose the name Emperor for these large sized cases because the first case I was asked to make in this size was for a Namiki Emperor fountain pen. The approximate inside dimensions are 180 mm x 26 mm.

Chocolate brown is a lovely colour to work with adding extra coats of dye gives a nice rich colour.

As ever I started with a flat piece of Kydex a large dowel and a scrap of leather.


After applying some heat the Kydex was rolled around the dowel using the piece of leather.


Once the tube was created I welded the seam and rounded over one end to form the tube.

When I was happy with the tube I wrapped it in Orange suede.


I wrap the whole tube in suede inside and out although only a few mm will be seen I have found if I cut the outside short. When the outer leather is formed around the tube the end of the suede can been seen. To prevent this I wrap the whole tube.

Before I begin forming the outer leather I protected the suede by wrapping it in black film.


The forming process takes time the first step is to soak the veg tanned leather in water I prefer to use cold water. I have a metal workers clamp with wide flat jaws which I have covered in leather to press the seam into place.


I think applying dye is quite straight forward I prefer to use a small dauber. I use straight lines in all directions and count the coats (important) the same number for both parts this ensures that the colour is even.


The leather needs to be allowed to dry out a little but not too much. The leather needs to be pliable when I am happy with the shape I apply glue to the edges and the area where the tube will sit.


The top section is placed in a plastic bag to slow down the drying process as it cannot be formed until the bottom has been stitched together and trimmed to size.


In the past I have been asked why I don’t line the lid the reason is that I tried it once and the lid would not come off. It works much better without a suede lining.


I use a set of dividers to mark out the edges using a pair of dividers the distance is the thickness of the two pieces of leather.

Another case is finished and ready for shipping.


This case is designed to hold and protect the largest of all fountain pens although I can make them up to 30 mm this one is 26 mm internal diameter.

Each case is individually made for each pen and therefore sizes can be adjusted to get the perfect fit. The Kydex inner sleeve adds extra protection for precious fountain pens.

Thanks for looking


The owner of the chocolate and orange Emperor case has sent me some pictures and has given me permission to share them with you.

choc and orange emp 3

choc and orange emp 4






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