Pendragon Brief case (for sale)

I have been looking for one of these case for a few years. I found this one on an auction site at a price I was happy with.


I wonder if the thread on the handle may have been red originally.


This is the inside with the writing pad in place the two strips down the sides are there to hold the blotting paper in place.



The brass ware has tarnished and needs a few hours of tlc to bring it back.


After a few hours


Before applying any brass cleaner I applied a lot of leather care wax to prevent the brass cleaner staining the leather.


There is not a lot of restoration required for this case the brass ware was in a bit of a state.



It took me about five hours and half a box of cotton buds. I know this hardware is solid brass it is shinny now though.

There was not much work required to the inside of the case just a clean and polish.

Much as I would like to keep this case I don’t have a use for it or the space to keep everything so I will be offering it for sale as I don’t yet have a website I am thinking of using one of the auction type sites.



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