A Switch case

My daughter asked me to make a case for her new Nintendo Switch the basic idea was a storage case that could be carried around.

The colours are dark green and black green for the suede and black for the leather.

We started with grey board. Which I wrapped in suede with a little padding.


The controllers needed some space so I made little boxes for them with some padding and a step.


I made these in two pieces an inner and outer I wrapped them individually before putting the two pieces together and gluing them in place.

As we developed the idea it was decided that a zip would be the best method of closing this case. Unfortunately zips do not do 90 degree corners very well so we needed to alter the ends.

I wish I had taken better pictures




I started with a basic structure and used a thinner grey board to make the curved section.

Having the flat sections on the top allowed me space to add some personalisation by way of initials.


After wrapping the end pieces in suede I glued them to the main part of the case.   As ever solving one problem leads to another I soon discovered that the zip no longer fitted so a longer zip has been ordered.

Having visited the leather supplier local to us my daughter selected a dyed through veg tanned shoulder in black.

Normally a centre piece is made such as this and the leather cover is wrapped around it.


As my daughter has small hands we felt this would be too large so I decided to go with a second piece of the main leather. all of the pieces had to be thinned down to allow it to bend around the pieces. I also made the mounting pieces with the brass “D” rings.


After gluing this piece in place I rounded off all of the edges and wrapped the outer cover around.


After finishing the handle I decided to await delivery of the new zip before cutting the main outer covers.

After some delay the new zip has arrived  it is 26 inches long the length means it is quite a heavy zip.


In the picture above you can see the zip on top of the back panel / lid complete with suede liner. The upper portion of the zip will be in between the two parts of the lid which will be glued and stitched in place.

This is the outside picture


This is the back and lid section with the inner section.


I cut a strip of leather to form the front and sides I rounded the top edge and mitred the bottom edge I also mitred the edge of the bottom panel. After marking the stitching holes I marked out and fitted the handle to this front panel.

I found it very difficult to work out how much leather would be needed to allow the back panel to fold into the lid so I have left this piece long I will take a better picture tomorrow.

The final task today was to stitch the front and side piece to the rear panel. here is the dry fit of everything except the base.



At this point I removed the inner and prepared to cut the back panel and mitre the edge.


The next stages involved a lot of stitching first the zipper to the front and sides then the lid stitching through the liner.

Here are the finished pictures




Thanks for looking



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