The Blue Emperor



As the title says an Emperor size case in blue but in the Nakaya style.

As usual I started with a large dowel and a piece of kydex sheet.


The kydex was formed in the same way as the other Emperor cases


After applying some heat I rolled the kydex around the dowel using the spare piece of leather to avoid burning my fingers.


After forming the kydex tube I had to order some suede to wrap it with so I started to think about the outer covers. I cut two pieces of veg tanned leather to approximate size.


I then dyed it blue the bottle says navy blue and it looks dark on wet leather.


After the suede arrived I wrapped the kydex tube in the suede.


Forming the outer covers I use an adapted metal workers clamp



After forming the lower section the lid was placed in a plastic bag to keep it wet while I stitched the lower section.


After trimming the lower section I could form the lid around it. by the time I had stitched the lid and was getting ready to trim it I realised that it was too big.

Rather than mess around trying to cut down the first lid I made another one.


I just need to make a toggle / pen rest and add the thong tomorrow.


The toggle / pen rest is not a complex little thing I like to think they are like the case almost organic I just cut a small piece of wood no measuring big cases need big toggles if that makes sense. If my hands are feeling good I use a dowel with sandpaper wrapped around it different sizes for each side. If my hands are not too good I use a multi tool with a sanding attachment.

I used the larger of the two shown in the picture which is a nice golden walnut.

I like to personalise these cases where possible so a small leather disc is cut out and the owners initials are stamped onto it. The tricky bit is you have to stamp both sides at the same time.



I did not say it was easy and it helps if you stamp the correct initials.


This is the finished Blue Emperor case complete with pen rest / toggle leather disc with the correct initials and the little end caps on the thong.

Thanks for looking



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