Round single pen case in tan

This is a single pen case in the Nakaya style  in tan leather with a cognac suede inside.

The starting point is the same as for most of my single pen cases a piece of kydex sheet is cut to the required size. And laid out on a piece of spare leather along with the dowel that it is to be formed around.


The kydex is heated with a hot air gun in an even pattern until it is hot enough to form around the dowel.

This tube is in the centre of this picture it has been fully formed even the rounded base has been formed.


The next step is to wrap the tube in the cognac suede which has been chosen for this case.


The whole tube is wrapped in suede inside and out most of it will never be seen but I know it is there and your pens will appreciate it.


As the title has already given the colour away I did not waste any time in cutting two pieces of leather and dying them tan.


Whilst I moulded the bottom section the top section was stored in a plastic bag to slow down the drying process. If the top section was allowed to dry it would not mould around the lower section without being soaked again. If the top had to be soaked a second time it may dry a different colour to the bottom.

What ever I do to the bottom section I do the same to the top section moulding with the aid of some adapted metal workers clamps.



After moulding I marked out the stitching holes.


Once the bottom was glued and trimmed I was able to finish moulding the top section.


I have now set this aside to dry overnight.

After allowing the case to dry overnight I have trimmed the top section and have started sanding the edges.


I have also cut a small piece of oak which I will shape into the toggle / pen rest.


I have ordered some Lin Cable thread to give the stitching a nice finish.

From this point the hardest job was stitching I also cut a small piece of oak to make a toggle for the thong closure this also acts as a pen rest.

Sometimes I use a dremel type multi tool more often I will wrap a piece of sandpaper around a dowel and make the shape.


The only items on this case that I don’t make are the thong end caps which I use to cover the knots.

Here is the finished case which is now on its way to its new home.





4 thoughts on “Round single pen case in tan

  1. Remarkable to see how you shaped black kydex and then wrapped it into soft cognac suede. For sure, there are a few fountain pens here who want to try this soft suede. Amongst them one listens to the name SamiBlu and another one is called Namiki Vermi (Like the Italian composer Verdi, but here it is not a composer but a writer and the colour is Vermi(llion)).


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