Flat backed case in mahogany

This case is a favourite of mine and also what I believe is the strongest single pen case I make.


This is the starting point for all of this weeks projects

For this case heated kydex is forced over a positive mould and after cooling.


After trimming and sanding


The next step is to add some suede.

This case is a celebration of darker colours the inside is burgundy the outside mahogany.



People often ask does the suede go right to the bottom of your cases, yes it does inside and out. The suede helps to secure the kydex in place especially in this design.


As I said not a lot of the suede would be seen here it is on the back / flap piece which just needed its suede.


Suede added.


Getting the flap shape correct is quite tricky so I made a cardboard template. after cutting the desired shape I marked out the holes for stitching.

Here is the top and bottom sections glued and tacked together


This is my second attempt at making the strap I punched the holes in slightly different positions so it would not lie straight. This is mk 2.


I used black thread to tack the pieces together I think this looks very good so may stitch the case together with black thread.

It is very herd to get a good picture of this case because of the dark colours.


I stitched the whole case with Lin cable black 332 thread after sanding and dying the edges were sealed with bees wax and the case given a light polish.





I will try and take some better pictures tomorrow before it is packed.

I really like this case it is one of my favourite colours



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