Pen case with a belt loop

This week I was asked if I could make a pen case to attach to a belt.

I have a couple of options this is my first it is based on a two pen case made from 1.8 mm shoulder with a kydex liner wrapped in suede.

Pictures will help to explain as we go.


Two kydex pen tubes formed over a medium sized form I think they may be a little larger than I wanted but one lined the internal size will alter

Wrapped in suede


I folded and glued a strip of suede to allow pens to be clipped in place


It is held in place by four stitches in the centre and will be stitched in to the edges when they are stitched together.


This clip strip will allow smaller pens to be carried without them rattling around inside the case. I need to make a back panel next.

I have cut a piece of leather to make the back panel and front flap in this picture I have sketched out the front flap.


Here are all of the components before dying I have formalised my sketch of the flap into a cardboard template the strap has been cut and the belt clip is also there. Although I am considering cutting slots in the back panel and adding some lining leather to make a belt clip.


This is not the time to run out of black dye 🙂

Stocks of dye refreshed


After allowing the dye to dry I marked and punched holes in the strap for stitching I used a small pricking iron that marks 11 stitches to the inch rather than my usual 8 stitches to the inch. The thread I used is Lin Cable size 332 which is quite fine.


At this point I decided to move the clip strap level with the top of the pen slots.


My next step was to decide where the belt loop would sit I decided to place it on the same line as the front strap. The front strap holds the flap closed and is on top of a line one third of the way down from the top of the pen slots.


I had shortened the belt loop was clearly was a mistake so I will unpick it tomorrow and make another. Here are the two belt loops side by side.


The next step is to attach the belt loop to the back panel it is quite a simple process stitch the upper part fold over and stitch the lower. Although I have added some detail stitching down the sides there is a groove on the back to prevent the belt wearing through the stitching. I had to be a little creative with the stitching I used one piece of thread for strength and the parallel rows are 12 mm apart the same as the front strap. I know this is a very minor thing and it will not be seen but I know it is there.


Time to start gluing the pieces together. And marking out the stitching holes.


Stitching done and rough trimmed to size.




The idea behind this case was to add a belt loop which I am happy with the clip strip also works but not so well for pens with tight clips. pens are also a little difficult to get in and out when the case is attached to a belt the tubes need to be a little shorter.

Thanks for looking





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