A Travellers case

As the name suggests this case is for a fountain pen and a Visconti traveling inkwell.


The starting point is a pair of Kydex tubes which I formed from a flat sheet. (yes I know there are three in this picture)

The next step is to wrap them in suede orange for these tubes.


Preparing to join the two tubes together.




After dying the leather I marked out the stitching holes ready for err stitching.



At this point I wrapped the pen tubes in black film before enclosing the pen tubes in the outer leather cover and applying the clamps.


After 24 hours in clamps I drilled a series of holes around the edges of the leather a help aligning when gluing. I then removed the case from the clamps and marked the centre line I used tape on the inside as a cutting guide and cut the pieces in half. then glued the halves together.


After marking the stitching holes I stitched the pieces together and trimmed off the excess leather


I then made a centre band marking out stitching holes on the band and the centre of the case.


It is a little difficult to see the case clearly I will post a better picture tomorrow





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