Leather carving

I have been practising leather carving for some time I am not sure I have improved that much but I enjoy it.

Having acquired some suitable leather I decided to have a go my original plan was to make a pair of carvings and turn them in to boxes. I got caught up in the box making process and the result can be seen in the NASA box thread. Incidentally that box now lives on a desk in NASA cool eh !

The process is quite simple a special knife is used to cut part of the way through the leather. Which is soaked in water before hand.


This is the starting point logos printed off and leather soaked I used a modelling tool to trace through the paper on to the leather, I placed a plastic sheet in between to stop the paper getting wet.


The traced image does not show on a picture


This is an in progress shot more advanced carvers can use shading and bevelling tools to really make the design stand out. I am not at that level yet.

Drying process I left them to dry for a few days lying flat there was not as much shrinkage as I had expected.


I have previously made a mouse pad for my son so decided to do the same with this carving.


I made an oak frame around a piece of oak faced plywood which I then veneered with some very nice walnut burr veneer.



Not being adventurous with colours I decided to dye the leather black


The first finished carving I think I will be offering these for sale at some point.




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