Phone cover

After spending an age deciding which new phone to buy I decided on a Samsung S7 in black.

Very nice and also shinny in order to keep it that way and to make it a little easier to grip I decided it needed some type of case / cover.


When the phone arrived I made a quick black leather cover to keep it clean but forgot to take pictures so I thought I would have a second in another colour.

The starting point is a clear silicone cover which I intend to cover in leather.



I started with a piece of leather 0.5 mm thick and started to skive or thin it around the edges with a sharp round knife. Once I had removed as much material as I dared I soaked the leather in water.


I started to form the wet leather around the cover after some time you can form it to the shape of the cover the thinner the leather the easier this is. As the leather starts to take the shape I started to trim it to size.


At this point the phone will fit easily into the cover and I will allow it to dry a little before adding dye.

I punched the holes and added my makers stamp before finally applying Oxblood dye


About an hour after applying the dye I started rubbing the cover with a piece of cotton towelling. After that I applied some Carnauba wax rubbing it well in before allowing it to dry then buffing. This wax re activates the dye and helps to even out the coverage hopefully when dry it will leave a nice even colour.


As this is for me I added my makers mark which is also my monogram.


The camera seems pick up shading that a human eye cannot to me the colour looks even and it is a nice deep colour.

I am quite happy with the way the buttons have come out.



I am not too happy about the holes I have punched in the bottom so I guess I might need to make another.

Thanks for looking





2 thoughts on “Phone cover

  1. Looks great. What do you like to use to sea/finishl the dye?
    I have tried so many different finishes and still have rub off. I believe I don’t let the proper amount of time in between the needed stages of drying and finishing and buffing. I am very impatient during this peocess.
    I just wandered what was your process once dyed.
    Thank you again for always showing your steps on the projects.


    1. Hi Roger
      I use either Fiebings dye which is spirit based or a water based dye my supplier calls tannery dye which is now my dye of choice as it is better for me and everyone else.
      I had a problem once with dye not absorbing into the leather I was applying carnauba wax before the dye had dried to even out the finish. Carnauba wax will soften the dye and the supplier told me I was impatient which I am but I bought a fresh bottle f dye and have not had that issue again. So I would suggest you try a different dye I apply my dye to wet leather and apply more coats until it stops absorbing you can see the dye sitting on top of the leather then give it a good rub with heavy cotton or denim then wax.
      Hope this helps feel free to ask I will show pictures as this case progresses.


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