Pen Sleeve

Recently I was asked if I could make a pen sleeve I have considered making one of these before but preferred to focus on the protective cases I currently make.

My first effort had symmetrical rounded ends.



After some thought and some tea drinking I worked out that the taper at the bottom is what holds the pen in place and also allows the pen to be squeezed out.

The egg shape evolved from there this is the next attempt


I lined the case in red suede and stitched it together.


Although the shape was better it was a little loose around the clip area.


As you can see I have lowered the top section a little.

I added a little more length to the next template to make removal of the pen easier.

Here are the evolutions of the templates.


As the top is a single thickness it is stitched before the two edges are stitched together


If you look closely you can see the line made by the dividers which indicates where the stitching holes will go.





Cross over stitching is a one off to show what it would look like.

I have also started working on some other colour variants I have red and blue in this Italian leather here is the red.


Standard saddle stitch


Here is the red with yellow stitching and yellow nappa leather



This started off as a request for one case as with all of the best things it continues on from there so here are the next two orders




Blue and red leather pen sleeves are available to order with various coloured interiors £25 including delivery worldwide.

Thanks for looking




4 thoughts on “Pen Sleeve

  1. Hi Michael
    I am trying to get a 3 pen case for my mini pens in soft leather, I want to carry them in my front pocket so don’t want anything to big, looking at roughly L12cm by W6.5cm. Could you help, please?


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