Black and beige pen case

I was asked to make a round pen case with a beige interior.

The first picture shows a newly formed kydex tube which for want of a better description has been welded together this is far stronger than any glue I have used so far.


After rounding over one end and sanding everything smooth I wrapped the tube in beige suede.


Once the inner was wrapped in suede I started to think about the outer cover. I cut two pieces of leather.


Black does not photograph well but you can see I have dyed it black and started to form the leather to the desired shape.


The tool I use to form the leather is a pair of metal workers clamps which I have covered in leather. The top section is in a plastic bag to slow down the drying process.


The suede covered tube is then glued in place.


The lower part needs to be stitched and trimmed before I can form the top.


I normally cut a cardboard template for each top section but recently found this I can best describe it as a flexible straight edge. It allows me to get a curve that I am happy with quite easily.


Stitching complete the thread is Lin cable a multi strand linen thread I wish I had more but it is quite (very) expensive.


Although it is expensive it does look good in the leather.







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