ICI document case (for sale)

Sometime ago I bought a document style case from an auction site the inside is embossed with the ICI ltd logo it was in good condition although the stitching was in need of replacement any pressure would cause it to snap.



This is a good quality case and very well made things that show high quality are the inverted “V” on the securing straps and the hand made handle where multiple layers of leather are used to form the handle.


Having removed all of the old stitching I started to clean everything inside and out with warm water and saddle soap



I have dealt with handles like this once before and there are multiple layers often between 7 and 10 not wanting the whole thing to fall apart I unpicked one stitch at a time and replaced it with red 0.8mm Tigre thread this is a braided polyester thread.



These handles have a lovely curve and are very comfortable in use.

So the handle is now complete I just need to sort out the rest of the case now.

I started gluing the suede lining onto the inside of the panels once I had started I remembered that I had not attached the handle or removed the brass hasp from the front panel.



After spending some time with a file the hasp was removed and the handle assembly complete with rivets and metal support bar were all stitched in place.


I continued attaching the red suede to the inside of the panels and finished them off with some detail stitching along the top edge, no reason other than I like it.


I have lined the gusset piece and now need to decide if the case needs a strap or not.

It has been sometime since I have done any work on this case there are a few reasons the main one being I don’t really want to add a shoulder strap, I think it would make the case appeal to a wider group of potential buyers and I have all of the components but something has stopped me I am sure that I will decide one way or another at some point.

Decision made no shoulder strap time to get on with the job.



Ready to start stitching


The front divider is now stitched in place I have just started stitching the second divider when I took this picture and realised that I have put it in backwards the leather should face forwards rather than the suede. I don’t want any more delays so rather than mess around I will cut out the stitching and start again.


I have re stitched the centre dividers in place in the correct order.


Next I glued the front panel to the gusset taking care to line up the holes for stitching.


Stitching in progress the red thread is 0.8 mm Riza tiger thread.


After stitching the front panel I followed the same process with the rear panel here it is clipped in place. Stitching will be next.

I would think it would normally take two hours to stitch the back panel in place taking into account the issues with my hands it has taken me most of the day.




The final job is to finish the edges the will be smoothed and painted with edge kote and then a polish with beeswax.

I have left the outside of this case as I received it other than replacing the stitching which has made this a case that can be used everyday without looking like a brand new product.




Anyone interested in buying this case can contact me via email at this blog name @gmail.com

















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