My oldest writing slope

This is my oldest writing slope my research leads me to believe this writing slope was made in the 1790 s the materials and methods of construction plus the size 20 inches x 10 inches x 6 1/2 inches it is a large slope.

Although there are a couple of splits in the top I still think it is a worthwhile addition to my little group. I am very happy to have it.


Unfortunately this slope has had some modifications during its life.


The hinges fitted to the writing surfaces are not original and will be removed when I fit a replacement skiver.

This case also has a drawer in the lower section of the body


The biggest surprise is the secret compartment located under the pencil tray.


As you can see people would have kept important documents here these documents bearing the name and bequests of a previous owner. I believe these are original documents as the mechanism was jammed and the pin that releases the door had been covered over.

I did contact the person who sold this slope to me to see if it was a family heirloom as I would have offered to return it to him if it was.





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