Red lined wrap

I was asked to make a wrap lined in red suede after some discussions we decided to use some Italian pre dyed leather I had purchased recently.

After confirming the sizes and number of pens to be carried I started drawing up an outline of the wrap.


This is my first idea of how the end result would look.

The pencil lines are difficult to see but I transferred the marks from the card onto the suede.


After sorting the back panel I started to make the piece that would form the pen loops.


I then started joining the two pieces together having first marked and punched the stitching holes before starting. the first line of stitching was a little wonky but as it was going to be covered later I left it as it was.


As all of the holes were there I just stitched it all along


Eventually I got to this point all of the pen slots stitched.


I did a trial fit of pens just to make sure I was on the right track


I wanted side panels in the same leather as the outer cover


I stitched the end panels in place here you can see the front piece with the rear panel and its liner.

This wrap is going to have a centre pocket which will allow paper to be stored.


Once the back panel was lined and I had formed the flap as part of it I stitched everything together.

As I was stitching the front and rear panels together I made the strap and stitched it in place at the same time. I also added the closure stud the back of which is hidden inside.


All stitching complete ready to trim the bottom


Bottom trimmed.










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