Chocolate and orange long cigar

The thing about the long cigar pens is well they are long very long yes I know that is how they got their name ūüôā


As ever the starting point is a flat sheet of kydex which I formed into a tube. After this I cut a strip of orange suede and sewed the bottom around a piece of dowel which I then glued inside the tube.


Before I glued the outside in place I sanded the glue from the joint.


The orange tube is pictured at the bottom here with the other projects from this week


Now the insert is finished I cut and shaped the leather for the outer cover



I have managed to misplace the pictures of the forming and dying here is the insert with its outer cover glued in place. Prior to stitching the holes are marked out with a pricking iron then as I stitch I make the final hole with a diamond shaped awl.


One piece of thread and two needles and a little time. In the above picture I have already marked out the mount for the thong.

While waiting for the lower section to dry I stored the upper section in a plastic bag to stop it from drying.  Water will stain veg tanned leather so if you are going to wet it you wet it all. re wetting the top section would risk the colour changing so I slow down the drying process. Then form the top around the bottom, I hope that makes sense.

During the drying process I made the toggle from a piece of walnut.


Here are all of the components ready for assembly the little leather disc has the owners initials on it.



The chocolate and orange is on the right


Here is the finished case although I made four cases this week each was completely different.




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