Custom Arc cover

I have a small Arc folder with a flowery cover that is not being used so I decided to see what type of cover I could make. I knew I  had a small piece of black English bridle leather that would be perfect.

Only having one piece of this leather I decided to make a template first


After some trial and error I found the dimensions that would work in the manner I had imagined.


I even remembered to add extra length to allow the notebook to close.


It was at this point that I got the leather out to cut it to size to my horror the leather was tapered and although the end I had looked at while it was wrapped was large enough the other end was too small. Those who have read the black and yellow pen case will know a mis measurement forced me to make a three piece cover. I decided to use the same method here.


In order to allow the many pieces of leather to overlap for stitching I had to thin the edges. For smaller edges a round knife is best once it gets to around 25 mm I prefer to cut a grove with this tool


The remove the remaining material with a French skiving tool


Once the edges were ready I made some red suede piping and glued it to the spine piece on the left you can see the inside edge and on the right the outside edge.


I added some extra wax to the leather and glued the spine to the outer sides the extra wax makes it very easy to remove excess glue.


Time for the interior calf suede 1.5 mm thick very nice. Because I had made a template I simply transferred the dimensions across.


Stitching the sides to the spine


At this point I glued the suede interior in place forgetting I had the strap and whatever the strip is called that holds it in place 🙂 Any way I had forgot both of them so had to un glue the suede and stitch them in place.


Strap in place here I had began to stitch around the edges to secure everything in place


Finished inside


As the leather has been rolled up for a long time it is trying to return to that shape it will settle eventually.


The finished cover works just as I expected it would it will take the standard discs and the next size up which I think is an inch I am very happy with it.

Thanks for looking




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