Single pen case colour experiement

Pen cases all start the same way with a piece of kydex formed into a tube to make the supersize case I made a smaller tube and then formed the larger tube over the top of it.

DSC_0293 - Copy



DSC_0298 - Copy

Here you can see the dowel with the first and second tubes the largest one became the supersize case. I decided to use the smaller tube to make something different.

I cut the pieces of leather for the outer cover from 2 mm veg tanned leather


I decided to try a different colour approach in an attempt to mimic some of my favourite Japanese fountain pens. I started by dying the case red and allowed it to soak in for a few minutes befors applying a very dilute black dye over the top.


I gave it a quick polish and liked the result so I continued to make the rest of the case


As I knew the lady who would be receiving this case likes pink I decided to use a pale pink for the interior colour.



I formed the lid in the same manner as normal.

Here is the finished case with the pen that inspired it.





The toggle is handmade from Oak which has been ebonised to turn it black.


2 thoughts on “Single pen case colour experiement

  1. Thanks for sharing these practical and useful instructions.
    There great, I really enjoy reading your site.
    Keep up the good work!

    Can you send me a mail so I have your mail address?


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