Chocolate and orange pen case

This case is for a reader of this blog I think the colours will be quite striking.


I already had some kydex so I was ready to start. I heated the Kydex to the correct temperature and used a scrap piece of leather to form the kydex around a dowel.


This piece was a little on the short side so I made another one which worked out fine after gluing the seam I cut a piece of suede and wrapped the tube in suede.


I am going to leave the tube to dry for a little while before I can start on the leather outer cover.

Here is the outer cover well it will be


Once the leather has been cut although the edge is almost smooth it just needs a little attention from the edge slicking tool.


Time for chocolate sadly it is only dye



Once the dye was applied I protected the end of the tube with some packing wrap and started shaping the main body


When I was happy with the shape I applied some glue and marked out the stitching holes.



Stitching on the main body finished


After trimming the main body I started forming the top piece which had been waiting in a plastic bag to stop it drying out too quickly.


I followed the same methods with the top piece as the main body marking the holes and then sewing. In this picture I have also rounded the edges as well as starting to sand them ready for smoothing.


This case is shinny chocolate good enough to eat although it may be a little on the tough side 🙂


Here are the finishing touches a walnut toggle a disc for initials if required and a pair of brass gold coloured caps for the thong


Here are my final pictures chocolate and orange almost edible




This case is now on its way to its new home I am sure it will be very happy.

Thanks for looking




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