Super size single pen case

This is the largest single pen case I have made so far the finished internal size must be at least 25 mm.

I am using a kydex liner in the centre to provide extra protection for large pens.

This is the flat piece of kydex I have cut from a larger sheet.

DSC_0293 - Copy

I cut the kydex longer than the required 165 mm but the width of 94 mm which is correct for the diameter of 26 mm plus the thickness of the kydex.

The next step is to add heat and form the kydex however as I did not have a 26 mm dowel I took a 24 mm dowel and wrapped it in kydex then wrapped another piece around that this gave me an internal diameter of around 28 mm

DSC_0298 - Copy

Once I was happy with the kydex tube I wrapped it in red suede which is glued in place.


I used my new pen calliper to measure the inside diameter to ensure it is above 25 mm which it is.


Once the inside was finished I set it to one side to allow it to dry and started making the outer cover. I cut a strip of 2 mm veg tanned leather which I cut roughly into two pieces 1/3 and 2/3.


I soaked these pieces in cold water for around 30 minutes before I started to form the leather around in inner section. I have adapted a large pair of metal workers grips to help with the forming process.


Once I was happy with the shape I dyed the leather black before it started to dry.


I added some glue to the lower pieces and brought them together. the top piece was placed into a plastic bag to keep it wet as it cannot be shaped until the lower section is finished.


I chose 0.8 mm Red Tiger thread for this case. When the bottom piece had been sewn together and cut to the desired shape I was able to form and sew the top.


After sewing the top section I cut and shaped it. I used to unpick the stitching if it was not perfect until someone pointed out to me that if the stitching was perfect then it might as well have been sewn by machine. so now if there is a wonky stitch I cringe and remind myself I am not a machine 🙂 There is one wonky stitch on the lid I cant tell you how many times I have wanted to unpick it and do it again.

The final stages involve a length of thong a wooden toggle and some brass end pieces I dyed the thong black and wanted the wooden toggle to match. Ebony would have been ideal but I don’t have any so I decided to make my own.


I made the toggles from English oak but clearly they are not black. Time for some science in the jar behind the toggles is a few pieces of steel wool and some white vinegar which will dissolve the steel wool.

It is usually best to leave the mixture for a few days but I did not have that time so I tied them together with some thread and dropped them into the jar.


Oak contains a lot of tannin and the vinegar / wire wool mixture turns the tannin black leather workers call this mixture vinegaroon it has the same effect on veg tanned leather.

I dropped them back into the jar overnight and gave them a little rub with some 3200 paper this morning.


I should mention the reason for the shape of the toggles once in place on the thong they also act as a pen rest each side has a different shape to accommodate different size pens.

Time to bring all of the pieces together for the final pictures.




Thanks for reading



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