Little red box

I have had some down time lately where I have been unable to do the things I would like to do.

Turning my attention to the internet and auction sites I came across this.

20 03 box

Advertised as a jewellery box but with pen like dimensions I thought it may make an interesting project.

The listing did mention there was some red paint on the back but I was a little surprised when it arrived.


Fortunately it was quite easy to remove.


As you can see from the first image the leather was very dry so I added some leather conditioner.


Turning my attention to the inside after cleaning out the pieces of glue and other lining materials.


I separated the lid from the base to allow the hinges to be straightened I also discovered the lid is warped which will require some attention.


The lining of the base is in three separate pieces the lid is lined in one piece as the sides are so small.


here is one of the potential suede liners for the inside



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