Leather covered writing slope

For many years I have collected and restored writing slopes and associated boxes.

This is my most recent acquisition.


There is some wear on the top of the slope I am sure that can be resolved.


This is the first stage opening the three light coloured panels fold out and face down to reveal the writing surface.



As you might be able to see the front piece has been detached from the base this will need to be restored.

Both sections the writing surface have hinged flaps the front ones having little silver catches to prevent it opening as it inverts to close.

The gold imprint on the front piece is the makers mark for Parkins and Gotto who were working in Oxford Street from the 1850 ‘s having been established in the 1840’s.

The address on this box is 54 Oxford Street and my research shows that they were based there from 1891 to 1913 and I think this writing slope was made towards the end of that period.

I noticed when unpacking the box there was a rattle a further investigation turned up this coin.


Dated 1861 and minted in Milan Italy.

There is some leather missing from the front which will need to be replaced and a few areas which may require some feeding and maybe some dye.

The lock is a Bramah lock which has no key these are very complex locks and making a key is not a simple task.

I will apply some mink oil and let it soak for a few days before I think about what is required.



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