Two Pen case

Recently I was commissioned to make a two pen case I had a few ideas but we decided on this.

To create the desired shape a mould would be required so from my stock of wood I selected a piece of 9 mm plywood which I divided into the four pieces that I need.


The case needs to be around 50 mm inside. I have marked out my rough shape on the top piece and glued the three pieces together.


I now have a piece of plywood 27 mm thick which is drying now the next step is to cut out the centre piece to give the two pieces of the mould


Once the glue had set I started cutting out the shape


I have started removing more material to allow space for the leather once I am happy there is enough space I will round over all of the edges that may come into contact with the leather. then all contact areas will be sanded to prevent the wet leather picking up the grain of the wood.

I decided to  carry out a test pressing before moving on to the actual project.


Once removed from the mould


All was well no scratches or gouges in the surface of the leather.


Time to move on to the actual case as you can see it is a very tight fit.

I prefer to dye the cases when wet but I don’t like to wet the leather over and over. With that in mind I removed the mould just as the leather started to dry out and applied the dye to the damp leather.




Here is my current favourite for the interior layout two individual kydex arches ready to be wrapped in leather.


I am planning on adding a strip of leather along the inside of the back section for smaller pens to be attached to rather than have them rattling around inside.

Today I cut and dyed the leather for the inside of this case.


The two pen case is almost finished


If you look closely you can see the thin strip of leather. The idea is that smaller pens can be clipped in place. There is enough length in the flap to allow larger pens to be clipped in place too.




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