Dogs off topic but it is my blog 😀

In our household we have three Springer Spaniels they are all rescue dog but I am sure I will come back to that another day.

Of the three one belongs to my wife, another belongs to my daughter and the third to my son. However I do all of the feeding walking and picking up the s…, I am sure you knew were that was going.

Anyway my daughters dog is called Millie or Bob for short don’t ask me! She is the youngest and very clever she will fetch anything and is ball obsessed so much that she wore out a knee and now has a titanium one.

One day I decided to try to teach her how to wink she will sit at my feet for hours trying to get me to throw whatever piece of rubbish she has decided will be her ball for that day by balancing it on my knee. So there she sat with me winking at her and eventually she winked back. I was as you could guess over the moon but I kept it to myself then one day last week my daughter told me Millie was freaking her out by winking at her.

I thought it was really funny and so did she once I had explained.

Now the problem is she winks at everyone you see dogs don’t understand the context of a wink 😂


2 thoughts on “Dogs off topic but it is my blog 😀

  1. That is a really talented dog. One of my dogs, Gus, figured out the word for water, and would get over-excited, which we tried to temper. So we tried spelling it out, as in, “Would you give the dogs W-A-T-E-R.” But he figured that out, too. He can spell, darn it. All someone has to say is “W-A” and he scurries to the sink. 🙂

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  2. omg, I wish I could see both of these! haha. The winking dog and the speller. Priceless 🙂

    And the titanium knee! Ouch. She’s like one of those high-level ball players that wind up with old-people joints before middle age. Poor Milly-slash-Bob!


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