Its a wrap

I was approached via a pen forum and asked to make a special pen wrap I started with a piece of 0.8 mm veg tanned leather which I dyed red and lined in red suede.


My first attempt involved a second piece at 90 degrees to the first piece which was stitched into slots for the pens.


At this point I realised that the wrap would not roll easily with the leather forming the pen holders so I decided to use suede for the inner section


I used the same process punching holes in the vertical rear panel and corresponding holes in the front piece although the holes in the front piece were further apart to allow for the pens to fit.


I used an 18 mm dowel to assist in sewing the panels together


The completed inner section and the sample outer pieces.

While waiting for the glue on the inner section to dry I started looking at the outer section. I had decided to emboss the owners initials into the leather outer piece.

I Started this process by printing two sets of the initials on copier paper one of which I glued to a piece of .8 mm leather and when it was dry I cut them out to help with spacing I stuck them to the remaining initials to the sheet.

I then laid the wet leather on top like this


After a few hours of smoothing the leather into the correct shape. I added glue to the back of the leather and to the paper. Once I was happy with the embossing I added another piece of leather as backer for added strength.

After being left to dry overnight the embossing had set.


Here is the complete inner section along with the outer section.



I am considering adding some side pieces and maybe a bottom piece.


When rolled it will look like this


I have now added the side panels but not the bottom piece


I have also shaped and trimmed the flap to prevent it from moving around when the wrap is rolled up


Possible closures are a thong or thin strap wrapping around and tucking under the thong would be red rather than burgundy


Here are the final pictures of the finished wrap one of the requirements was for a pocket to hold blotting paper.



Off to its new home in the USA


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