Mystery Ink No. 10 Report

Fountain Pen Follies

I’ve been doing something on FPGeeks Forum called Mystery Ink, where people volunteer to try an ink they know nothing about and then report back on it.  The idea is to elicit a pure reaction to an ink, uninfluenced by any expectations created by brand, price, photos or the ink’s online reputation.  It’s been a blast and very educational for me.

The tenth installment of Mystery Ink, known as MI-10, is running on FPG now.  You can find the thread here.  To celebrate Mystery Ink reaching double digits, MI-10 for the first time comprises two inks, one labeled “Carli” and the other “Lloyd,” in honor of Carli Lloyd, who wears Number 10 for the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

Because I know each Mystery Ink’s identity, I normally post my report on the MI after all the volunteers have tried it, and right before I reveal it.  I don’t…

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